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I have met some really interesting people who I've interviewed for stories and accounts in both of my books. One was a projectionist for the Radion Cinema, who joined the cinema in 1957. Another was a pub landlady that had generations of her family running the pub from 1937. I had already known the first Director of the Arts Centre that preceded the Towngate Theatre. He had pioneered the Basildon Heritage Project that I was a researcher for. I interviewed a milkman who's grandfather had brought a herd of cows and his family to Laindon in 1906. A former Chief Features writer for the Echo and a lady whose family had a terrible time with the Basildon Development Corporation who had compulsory purchased land from them not once, but twice!

I've had some wonderful feedback from people, as they leafed through the pages, some had been brought back to the time of their childhood. The photographs evoked memories that time had left behind.

I recently joined the Basildon Writers' Group and have a story in their latest anthology. As well as writing I still do my art and have a gallery on this website. In my first book I created an infographic timeline about the Basildon area. I also have used my Photoshop skills to mend the odd photograph that would have been unusable otherwise.

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