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The Official Launch of Basildon Writers' Group's Second Anthology

Updated: May 25

On Saturday 25th November we had the second launch of the anthology, It Happened in Essex 2 at the Eastgate Shopping Centre, Basildon. We were honoured to have the presence of Mayor, Luke MacKenzie who officially launched the book.

BHR's Angie McGlashon and Jacqui James. Basildon Wrtiers' Group members, Kevin Wood, Lisa Horner, Rob Coke, Benjamin Ditch, G K Lomax, Menderes Dogan, Dawn Knox, Pagan Field, Wendy Ogilvie

Jacqui James and the Mayor, Luke MacKenzie
Chairwoman of BHR87.7 Jacqui James, Mayor- Luke MacKenzie, Colin Payn, Lisa Horner. Behind G K Lomax, Menderes Dogan, Rob Coke and Benjamin Ditch.

Jacqui James, Luke MacKenzie, G K Lomax, Kevin Wood, Colin Payn and Menderes Dogan

Colin Payn and our formatter, Jan Watts

Top row - Wendy Ogilvie, Mayor - Luke MacKenzie, Pagan Field, Rob Coke, Benjamin Ditch, Menderes Dogan, G K Lomax, Kevin Wood. Then. in front is Jacqui James, Dawn Knox and Lisa Horner

You can support Basildon Hospital Radio and buy this very engaging book in several ways.

  1. Go to and buy the paperback book for £6.49.

  2. Go to the same website address and download a Kindle edition for £1.99

  3. If you have Kindle Unlimited you can download it for free. Every full read through book on Kindle Unlimited earns Basildon Hospital Radio 57p.

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