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What an Honour!

Updated: May 25

This is certainly worth marking! I've been named a Basildon Hero by the Volunteering Futures Basildon team. One of 75 heroes of the borough. I'll admit I've never been named a hero before and I actually couldn't go to sleep last night for ages as I was very excited. What an honour! I was invited to collect my 'Basildon 75' Keith Brymer-Jones mug on Thursday evening.

Volunteering Futures is project funded by both Arts Council England and Sports England LDP and delivered collaboratively by four local organisations:- Creative BasildON, BBWCVS, ATF, and TrustLinks. It is a test and learn project running until March 2024 that uses a place-based approach in an aim to increase volunteering and engagement in the areas of culture, sport and the environment. The overall objective is to increase the level and range of volunteers across the borough.

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